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Text Box: Gulp!!!

OK, I am turning my other cheek now so you can slap me again

Well, most folks believe that Christians are to turn the other cheek. And they are correct as this is what Jesus commands us to do. This is easier said than done. Nonetheless, it IS possible, theoretically. Practically, if Christians did so, they would be soon oppressed people. Oh, where is our faith? Wow! Our LORD exalts the oppressed. We would be well served to remember that. He also crushes HIS enemies, ...and ours.

Yes, our LORD tells us to love our enemies. HE also is a righteous and just God. Satan is NOT to be spared in the end because Jesus loves him as HIS enemy. Jesus will purge all evil from creation. Those who choose not to have faith in HIM will be cast into the Lake of Fire in the end just as satan will be to burn in torment where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth for all eternity. The Bible tells us so.

We are all sinners

The wages of sin IS death. All who sin MUST die. That is as clear and plain as the law of gravity. And it will be so. Since we are ALL born with sin, if we did not accept on Faith that Jesus is who He claims to be, we too would die. As a believer however, when our flesh dies, our spirit is instantly and eternally in the presence of Jesus Christ, God Almighty.  For those of us who have accepted Christ as our Saviour, our spirit  will NOT die even though we have sinned (our spirit will be united with an unperishable, incorruptible body in heaven). This is because Christ has died our death FOR us. Jesus Christ HAS already PAID IN FULL the price (received our wages) for your sins and mine. And HE hands out those paid in full tickets to all who believe in Him and have Faith that this is so. The Bible tells us so.

Jesus Christ has already paid for the sins of those who choose to believe in Him.

So, do I need worry about my enemies? If they ask for my shirt, Jesus tells me to give them my coat also. He wants us to appeal to their sense of love, that which is above man's evil nature. We are instructed to repay good for evil. And we are to exercise judgment in doing so. Does Jesus spell Christian, "SAP?" No, certainly not. He tells us that even pagans love their brothers. But, to love ones enemies? This is that higher level that Jesus asks us to reach.

Does this mean that if someone breaks into your house and begins to rape your wife or daughter that you are to offer him a cup of coffee? Absolutely NOT!!!










In fact, if such an assault were to take place, a Christian is justified in killing the offender. This is also the case with any man as our current laws have evolved from those given to Moses directly from the hand of God at Mount Sinai. In fact, our entire judicial system is modeled after that given by God to Moses.

And so, Christians are to be cunning as a serpent and loving as a dove. Because a Christian has the Love of Christ in him, he is capable of relating to others in a very different sense than the carnal, unsaved man. Yet, this fallen nature still resides in even the saved Christian. Hence an ongoing struggle within Christians until the death of the flesh. Those who are unsaved, do NOT have the Love of Christ living in them but only a carnal love and hence have their destructive carnal nature unchecked. In such a condition, there is no struggle. There simply are no constraints other than an evil and corrupt conscience. What you feel like doing at the moment rules.
And so, it is my prayer that all folks whom I know, yes even my enemies, come to know our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ that they too may know this higher level of understanding and peace and join the ranks of those having the free gift of eternal life with Christ!!!

To get to know Jesus Christ, read HIS WORD, the Bible. This IS HIS written message reaching out to us. I suggest beginning in the book of John, then Romans. Read to the end of the Bible, then read the books of  Matthew, Mark, Luke and finally Genesis, Proverbs and the remainder of God's Word. Fifteen minutes a day is all it takes. He gives us 23 hours and 45 minutes, 15 minutes is NOT too much to set aside for HIM :)
OK my special enemies, this is what you have been waiting for. Yes, indeed, I LOVE YOU!!!  

~~ Ray :)    □


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